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Royal Passport Rewards & Loyalty

Find the answers to any question related to our loyalty program, its rewards and benefits. Browse through our most frequently asked questions or contact us and we will assist you!

Is it free to become a SABON Reward Member?

SABON's Royal Passport Loyalty Program is completely free to join! Create an account today to start saving, access exclusive perks and get points with every purchase!

What benefits and perks do I get as a SABON Rewards Member?

Royal Passport Rewards Members get early access to select sale events, special promotions, invitations to exclusive events, and more. Members also get a $10 sign-up voucher in points, and a yearly $10 voucher in points to use during your birthday mon

Can I use my points at a SABON Boutique?

Unfortunately, our Rewards Program currently does not allow points earned with online purchases to be used at a SABON Boutique and vice-versa. Points earned from purchases made at a SABON Boutique may only be redeemed at brick-and-mortar locations. P